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Covid Update – 4th Jan 21

Hi all - please see the latest LTA COVID update following the prime ministers see following link for full details https://www.lta.org.uk/about-us/tennis-news/news-and-opinion/general-news/2020/march/coronavirus-covid-19---latest-advice/ England (updated 4 January) UPDATE: New Nationwide Tier 4 Restrictions Following the Prime Minister’s announcement ... More

Avenue Tennis Club – Tier 4 Covid Update

Hi all - last update on COVID for 2020 - Tier 4 for us means no more doubles from 12:00 o clock tonight, the 30th Dec 20, UNLESS you are from the same household. BUT BUT BUT you can come down and play singles OR you can come down and "hit to stay fit" (no different to singles apart from you play with your partner rather than against them). OR OR OR ... More