Following the slight easing of the lockdown restrictions and guidelines issued by the LTA, the Committee has agreed that the courts can be opened for play from Wednesday 13  May under the following conditions.  We would point out that players will be using the club at their own risk as the virus is still active and contagious.

Initially the club will be open for members only but this may be relaxed to include guests if the courts do not appear to be being used to their full extent.

Singles play is permitted generally but doubles can be played only with all four players being from the same household.  The courts designated for play are numbers 2, 4, 5, 7 & 9  but, if these are fully occupied, you may by choice use the other courts. Doubles games should go on court 9 unless this is already occupied, in which case doubles can be played on other courts provided there is an empty court between them and other players.

We will look at providing sanitiser on the court gates to be used on entering and leaving but, in the meantime, players may wish to bring their own wipes/gel to use.

When changing ends, make sure each player uses opposite ends of the net and avoid touching posts, winders, etc.  There should be no handshaking at the end of play and no socialising afterwards.

Members should bring their own marked balls, new ones if possible.  Do not pick up balls from another court and do not touch anyone else’s drinks, racquets, bags, etc.  Ensure you clean and wipe all your own equipment before and after use and take all your belongings home with you.

If there are people waiting, just play one set before leaving immediately.  If you are waiting for a court, make sure you keep 2 metres away from everyone else including when entering or leaving the courts.

The Clubhouse will not be open and members should be aware that there will be no toilet facilities available.  Rubbish bins will be removed so please be sure to take all your own rubbish home with you.

It will not be possible to ensure that the outside benches and chairs are all sanitised, so if members wish to use these while waiting for a game, this will be at their own risk.           Alternatively you could bring a chair or rug to sit on in case you have to wait for a court.

Please observe the above and social distancing guidelines at all times.  If it appears that these are not being complied with, the Committee may have to revise these conditions as obviously the health and safety of members is our primary concern.

Obviously this is not ideal but at least it is a start and hopefully it won’t be too long before things are back to normal.

Keep safe and well,



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