The club committee and members would like to publish their absolutely massive thanks to all who have given their time and effort to enable the club to continue to be successful and a fantastic place to play and support tennis, with particular emphasis to the following:

Elaine Amos has been our welfare, health and safety officer for many years and has given up her spare time to attend many welfare meetings and courses throughout the years to make sure that as a club we comply with all the LTA’s and legal requirements regarding youngsters and all round personal welfare.  At the last Committee meeting she expressed a desire to retire from her role as Welfare Officer.  The club has had several volunteers to take up this very important position within the club and is grateful to all because this position is integral for our continued inclusion within the LTA – a massive thank you Elaine for all the hard work and effort she has put in over the years.

Jane Saunders has been our membership and club hiring’s officer for many years and also advised at the last committee meeting that she would like to retire from the membership role and this has now been taken up by Axel Ruttler.  A massive thank you to Jane for all the effort she has put in over the years and also to her daughter, Julia, who also assisted, especially with the Direct Debits!

More thanks are also required during this horrible time to the people who have made it easier for us to play tennis and visit the club safely

  • Elaine Amos for overseeing the COVID arrangements and doing regular cleaning whilst Pauline was away
  • Lynn O’Dell for helping Elaine with the cleaning, keeping the bar going, when we were allowed to open, cleaning the pipes, stocking up and for preparing & maintaining the lovely flower pots around the club house
  • Mike Thomson for keeping the grounds spick and span
  • Steve Perry for assisting with the grounds maintenance and for helping to re run the Wednesday Suppers ably assisted by Josie and a host of others
  • Richard Belfield for keeping the finances up to date
  • Barry for keeping the coaching safe, organised and going when rules allowed
  • Poo and David for all their efforts in keeping the committee and club in line and up to date with all the LTA requirements

There are always people missed off of these thank you lists and I personally apologise to any I may have missed – give me a shout and I will add you but please know that we as players, members, officers of the club, visitors, etc etc we are all grateful to all who help and assist with running our fantastic club.

If you feel that you would like to help or be part of the committee running our club then please approach a committee member and let them know you are willing to help out or even become a committee member

Keep safe and see you all on court from the 3rd December – fingers crossed!!!!