2015/6 Winter Leagues

The Fixtures for the Avenue ‘A’ winter league team (our only winter league team apart from the Avenue Veterans Team) are set out below.  Please note that these dates were agreed between the various clubs in the middle of September and can be subject to change – for a variety of reasons!  Therefore the dates are a GUIDE ONLY and any changes to fixtures are unlikely to be updated on this website.   Barry Ramsden is organising the Winter League team and Poo Jenkins is organising the Avenue Vets team.  Please speak to them if there is a query.

Fixtures for the Avenue ‘A’ Winter League team                                                                           Fixtures for the Avenue ‘Vets’ Winter League team                                             7 October 2015 (Wednesday) AWAY to Lympsham ‘B’ – 6:30                                                                                     Awaited

13 October 2015 (Tuesday)   HOME to Wrington    ‘A’  – 6:30

20 October 2015 (Tuesday)   HOME  to Victoria ‘A’      –  6.30

10 November 2015 (Tuesday) AWAY to Bridgwater ‘B’ – 6:30

24 November 2015 (Tuesday) AWAY to Wringtron ‘A’  – 6.30

8 December 2015 (Tuesday)  HOME to Bridgwater ‘B’ – 6:30

13 December 2015 (Sunday)  AWAY to Taunton ‘A’    – 10:00

19 January 2016 (Tuesday)  HOME to Lympsham ‘B’ – 6:30

27 January 2016 (Wednesday) AWAY to Victoria ‘A’ – 6:30

1 March 2016     (Tuesday)  HOME to Taunton ‘A’  – 6:30


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